Friday, April 15, 2016

The Top Three Ways that a Deep Tissue Massage Helps to Relieve Stress

Whether you are going through a particularly stressful time in your life or you have ongoing stress that leaves you feeling depleted and anxious, going for a deep tissue massage offers many stress relief benefits. When you get a deep tissue massage in Denver, you will experience mental, spiritual and physical relief of your stress. You can also use deep tissue massage along with other well-known stress relief techniques, such as deep breathing and meditation, in order to gain as much stress relief as possible. Anxiety Relief When you get a deep tissue massage, you may experience a lessening of anxiety and depression. A massage treatment does not cause unwanted side effects like some forms of medication, and you can have a deep tissue massage as frequently as you desire. The slow and powerful strokes of deep tissue massage relieve the tension that builds up deep within your muscles.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

How Acupuncture Is Used to Minimize Chronic Pain in Your Feet and Legs

Many people with chronic pain in their feet or legs find that traditional healthcare treatments are not effective means of relieving their discomfort. Other patients may not be able to handle the side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as the increased risk of bleeding. For these patients as well as for those who are open to alternative healthcare, acupuncture may be a good alternative. Scientific studies have demonstrated that acupuncture treatments may help to minimize or even eliminate chronic pain in people with certain health conditions. Arthritis Many people have chronic pain in their feet and legs due to arthritis. Arthritis may form due to overuse and age-related wear and tear, such as in the case with osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis develops when the body's immune system attacks the joints, causing inflammation and irritation of bones and nerves.